Time to revamp your Total Compensation Programs?

“À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION offers the best for everyone while maximizing your organization’s investment.

Out with the silo strategy!

“À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION helps you build a total compensation program that is both flexible and integrated, while perfectly matching your values and your employer brand. Tailored to suit your financial and operational situation, “À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION gives you the opportunity to offer an invaluable advantage: the freedom of choice.

Stand out in the job market!

Put your business in a class of its own by innovating through flexibility.

WOW them!

With “À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION, everyone can maximize their total compensation by customizing it. Each year, let your employees choose among various programs (money, holidays, savings, insurance...) according to the guidelines you will have established.

Manage your costs

In addition to meeting the needs and expectations of employees of all ages, “À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION helps you contain your payroll and your benefits costs. Let our experts provide you sound advice to help you build a program that will support your business goals and the financial health of your organization.

Keep it simple

With “À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION, you decide while we design. Our team will tag along from design to administration, through communication! We can even manage membership campaigns for you.








Give them what matters the most

Discover “À LA CARTE” COMPENSATION, the solution that empowers employers to meet the individual needs and aspirations of team members most accurately.

Decide what options are available, whether in terms of compensation, vacation, enhanced insurance, savings, wellness account, or daily benefits.

Let your employees choose what matters most to them by creating a personalized experience beyond traditional job market expectations.

Make your total compensation shine

Our innovative approach allows you to offer more without having to invest more.

Make your employees aware of the wealth of their total compensation. The marketing kit included with À LA CARTE COMPENSATION, personalized with the colors and uniqueness of your business, will reveal brilliantly every dollar invested.

Employees are looking for flexibility. .

«31 % of SMEs intend to add flexibility to their total compensation.»

Your organization is unique.

You need customized solutions.

Your talents too!

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